Sunflower Galore • New Digital Stamps & Papers

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be here today, to share what I think is one of our most exciting digital releases, because it is one that both you and I brought together through live videos, suggestions and a strong and loyal connection. YES, it’s finally the day to share our April release, and it includes new sunflower stamps and papers, wildflowers and more! (Jump to the end of this post to see all our new sets!)




Today I’m featuring the Summer Sunflowers Digital Stamp Set and Paper Pack. Both these cards were super easy to make! In fact, I shared bits and pieces of the creative process on Instagram live videos in the past weeks. From the illustration of this stamp set to the actual card ideas, it all started off on live videos together with our followers! In fact you can watch how this background was made HERE!

The sunflowers were printed on mixed media paper using a laser printer, and colored with Zig Clean Color markers and a waterbrush. The patterned paper was printed on photo paper, and then stenciled with Deco Foil Transfer Gel. Once the gel dried I was able to run it through the laminator covered with Gold Shattered Glass Deco Foil, and it turned out like this! The foiled harlequin texture on top of the sunflower patterned papers is SO gratifying!



New Digital Collection

I hope you enjoyed seeing and learning a bit more about these cards! I think you’ll find the new collection perfect for Spring crafts, and we can’t wait to see what they inspire you to create!

We invite you to stop by our website and take a closer look to all our new sets which include:
Summer Sunflowers Digital Stamp Set •
Summer Sunflowers Digital Paper Pack •
Nourish & Flourish Digital Stamp Set •
Mini Easter Stamp Bundle •

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2 thoughts on “Sunflower Galore • New Digital Stamps & Papers

  1. Hi Gracie!
    Thanks for coming over to visit! I thought I’d return the favor. Looks like your business has really taken off & you are enjoying yourself! 😉 Your work is LOVELY as always! You ALWAYS WERE SUPER at doing digital work! Hope all is going well with you & I’m SURE your little one has grown up some too & in school by now! 😉 Inky hugs!


  2. It’s awesome what you did with the background and foil, I love it just like the gorgeous sunflower!
    Thank you so much for sharing.


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