My Little Garden & a Card

Hello my dear friends. I recently posted a floral card with Zinnias (here) and mentioned that I not only love to stamp and color flowers, but that I also have flowers at my house. So, I was asked by my sweet cyber friend Juanita Estrada, aka Blue Rose, to post pictures of my flowers. And I thought I would take a moment to share with you some of the plants I have.

I have flower beds outside my gate and around the corner of my house and also on my front and back porch. And I wish I had even more space to plant.  

Welcome to my small garden. I do hope you enjoy the little tour…

Desert Rose 
It is a little exotic to our region, but because of how much sunlight we have here, it adapts well. It’s root looks like a potato, and this is because it absorbs all the water it has a chance to get and keeps it inside. A very clever plant, a survivor really. Doesn’t need much care, so if it died, I would be a very, very bad gardener. It flowers with me around 4 times a year, and if you plant it in a deep pot or directly in the ground, it grows a lot. It looks a bit like a bonsai when you grow it in a smaller vase, like I have it. But I plan to transplant it to a bigger flowerpot.

For more about this flower click here

I have had all kinds of Zinnias, but of course my favorite ones are the double Zinnias. They grow in every kind and color naturally on the front of my house and they continue to spread by themselves around the corner. They have died and regrown again naturally, something that makes me think of these flowers as very noble plants. At this exact moment I possibly have more single and semi-double Zinnias. And, I have them mostly in pink, orange and red right now, but I’ve had them also in yellow and white before. Good thing there is an infinite amount of buds ready to bloom…


For more about this flower click here

This is a wonderful ornamental plant that you can find in various colors. I got three of them, in white, pink and lilac. Right now they are beginning to bloom again. If I had them directly under the sun they would possibly have more flowers, but I have them on my front porch. So I’ll show you a picture of the lilac one that is starting to bloom.

For more about this flower click here

Celosía spicata
This Celosia together with the Zinnias, where planted by a housekeeper that worked for me. After all this time, they keep growing back, wonderful. I had never seen this species before. There was no way I could find the name of this flower. So I had to consult my godmother Ana Ochoa de Aguilera, she studied Biology in Brazil (she has the ULTIMATE garden in Florida, oh my, I’m in love with her flowers). Many Celosias are growing on the front of my house but this is the largest one.

For more about this flower click here

I will be sharing with you more of my little garden in the near future. There are some more plants that I didn’t show you and I’m also planting new flowers. Now you know why I love flower stamps so much!

And to end this virtual tour I want to share with you a sweet card I made.

I made this card for my doctor. She is pregnant with a baby girl, and I just couldn’t resist using lavender. The Spanish sentiment stamp is from Stampendous and translated it says ” Welcome Baby”. The beautiful Penny Black poppies were embossed in white and water colored with Faber Castell pencils, using the technique I explain here.

I layered the Hawaii white cardstock over a beautiful lavender specialty embossed paper and finished the card with a lilac bow embellished with a large Merletto gem.

This card is participating in:

Amethist, Purple, Lavender
Our Daily Bread

Craft Mojo
Simon Says Stamp 

Virginia’s View

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9 thoughts on “My Little Garden & a Card

  1. Gracie,
    Thank you so much for the garden tour, the flowers are beautiful, especially the Celosia, never seen one where I live. I also love your card, so beautiful, your doctor will love it.


  2. You have some gorgeous flowers in your garden! I was especially intrigued by the Celosia – I've never seen one of those! How interesting! What a beautiful card! The embossed and watercoloured poppies are gorgeous! The ribbon on the side finishes off the card beautifully! Thanks so much for joining us this week in the ODBD Shining the Light challenge. Elizabeth


  3. I LOOOOOOVE your Flowers Gracie!!!:) JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!!:)


  4. Oh, Graciellie, I'm not surprised to see all the beautiful flowers in and around your house! You look like you love floral beauty and are so precious! Each flower is gorgeous and such a wonderful reminder of the beauty God has created for us to enjoy in this world! I LOVE your card and how you've embossed it and softly colored it with the pencils! It's exquisite and will be loved by your doctor! I'm so glad to see you again this week for the ODBD Shining the Light challenge, precious friend! Hugs!


  5. LOVE your flower photos…and I love your card even more! The coloring is absolutely dreamy and so very pretty!Thanks so much for playing the first Virginia's View Challenge!


  6. Beautiful Gracie!! I'm sure your doctor will love it as I do!! Beautiful flowers,colors,and design!! Love your beautiful flowers too especially your desert rose!Thanks for joining the ODBD Shining the Light challenge!!


  7. You certainly have a green thumb! Love the Desert Rose! Your card is gorgeous Gracie! I love the look of embossing and water colors! Thanks for creating with us this week at ODBD!


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