Valentine’s Giveaway WINNER!

Hello hello!!! As promised I’m here to announce the winner of a Shery K. Designs digital paper pack. I arrived not long ago from the hospital, my baby got seriously ill and we spent the last 24 hours there. Bless the Lord he got well considerably fast from what was a stomach infection. The nurses catheterized his itty bitty hand which traumatized me at first… So hard to watch! But then he dealt with it greatly and didn’t complain at all, rested well and got better. I am taking care of him, but as proof of his recovery this brave little boy helped me pick the winner! Each participant’s name was written on a piece of paper and he chose one! And with no further ado, the lucky winner is:

PaperCrafting WithAngelina dijo…
Love this book. Thank you for sharing how you put it together. I am now following you on Pinterest, Facebook and via email. Thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful paper pack.


My dear Angelina, please send me your email address to my Facebook page so Shery can send you your prize!

I look forward to more giveaways, so stay tuned!

BIG HUG TO ALL OF YOU GIRLS THAT CARE AND COME VISIT ME EVERY TIME YOU CAN! Your comments and support mean so much to me and make me happy! I am truly thankful to God for giving me the opportunity of knowing you!


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3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Giveaway WINNER!

  1. I'm SO GLAD to hear your little one is doing better!! We had to take our daughter to the hospital when she was a baby too—RSV Virus! It IS AWFUL when they have to put something in their veins! Her veins were SOOO LITTLE that they had to put it in the top of her head! NOT GOOD!!! So, I UNDERSTAND your ANGST!!! REST UP TODAY!!!!! AND CONGRATULATIONS WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


  2. Gracielle!
    I heard they are running out of things at Flourishes now! Julie might be a GOOD WAY for you to get them!!! She is SUPER NICE!!!!!:) She has ALOT for sale!!!!!!!!!;) They're kind of SWAMPED I think at Flourishes with the orders! But, I talked to Mike & he said that they don't think they'll be “going away!” 🙂 I HOPE they bring back some of the OLDER STAMPS!!! I NOTICED, Julie has some!!!!!!!!:) ENJOY SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)


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